What rizball communications will do for you.

  • Evaluate your existing brand equity to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Create a plan for effectively leveraging and branding products.
  • Study the current positioning of your organization or brand to assess whether or not it is credible, relevant, unique and durable.
  • Develop positioning statements addressing the needs of key audiences and set the tone and for all communications.
  • Bring your positioning to life by driving it through all elements of the brand planning mix.
  • Evaluate your current visual practices to determine their image and functional appropriateness.
  • Develop the most appropriate word or words to identify an organization, product or service.
  • Evaluate existing names to determine their image and appropriateness.
  • Provide recommendations whether a name should be retained.
  • Develop creative name solutions for organizations and products based on strategic criteria.
  • Conduct research to validate name alternatives with key audiences.
  • Develop systems for using and relating corporate, business unit, product and service names.
  • Develop comprehensive design systems specifying graphic parameters for communications and marketing materials.

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